Riverside School eNewsletter, February 8, 2018
Thursday, February 8th, 2018

For Your Calendar…

 Parents Association Meeting on Wednesday, February 14
The Parents Association meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 14 at 8:15 a.m. in the Art Room. All parents are invited to attend.

Admissions Open House on Thursday, February 15
An Admissions Open House will be held on Thursday, February 15, from 9-11:00 a.m. Please share this information with friends and family who might be interested in learning more about Riverside. Additional information may be found on our website (www.riversideschool.org) or by calling the school and speaking with Debra Mitchell, Associate Head of School and Director of Admission, Transition and Testing.


Talent Show on Wednesday, February 28

Student sign-ups began on February 1. More information will be sent to those students interested in performing.

Snow Makeup Day on Friday, March 30
In order to make up for days missed for inclement weather, Friday, March 30 will now be a day of school for students.



News & Notes

Report Cards 
If you have not returned the report card acknowledgement form, please sign the document and return it in the white envelope.

Financial Aid Requests
Now is the time to initiate requests for the 2018-19 school year. To apply, log into your TADS account and complete the financial aid application. Awards for returning students will be considered starting in March. Be sure to apply early because funds are limited.


Annual Used Book Collection for the Reach Out and Read Organization
As in previous years, the Riverside School library will sponsor a used book collection just before spring break for the Reach Out and Read organization. Gently used paperback, hardback or board books, for ages preschool through age 10, will be welcome. The books are distributed through pediatricians’ offices in our Richmond area to families with limited funds for home libraries. Collection dates are February 26 through March 2.

Art Project
Your child needs to bring in a shoe box for an upcoming art project on Wednesday, February 14. Please send one in, and your child will keep it in his/her cubbie until that date.



Parents Association
The Parents Association will have their monthly meeting on Wednesday, February 14 at 8:15 a.m. in the Art Room. All parents are invited to attend.

 Library’s New Look
The library has been repainted by Creative Contracting and the new furniture has arrived. Please feel free to come by and a take a look the next time you are at the school. We are going to be raising additional funds to replace the carpet. More details to follow.

Riverside Lunches
Please note: March order are due by Monday, February 19. For those students who ordered Chick-fil-A lunch on Friday, January 5 which was a snow day, the make-up date is Friday, March 2.


Please complete the order part of the form for Friday, March 2. Next to Sub-Total, please write ‘Snow Day’ and you will be credited. Do not include the Friday, March 2 subtotal in the grand total at the bottom. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Elizabeth >> or Leslie VanHimbergen >>.


Art Room News
Please check your calendar and see if you are available to help with the students’ art classes on Wednesdays.




From the desk of…
the Head of School

I want to thank all of the parents and teachers who participated in this past Tuesday’s Parent Conferences. It’s a long day for teachers—each conference lasts for at least half an hour and involves hours of preparation and coordination between classroom teachers and LF teachers—but it’s an extremely valuable use of time.

Riverside’s Parent Conferences are data-driven, with samples of student work examined, as well as testing results explained and put in context. Our teachers understand our assessments inside and out, and they do a wonderful job of answering parent questions and interpreting results.

Most importantly, the Parent Conferences we do here at Riverside provide a great opportunity for partnership between our families and our teachers. Riverside teachers know their students’ personalities and learning styles extremely well. This is partially a result of our small class sizes and our one-to-one LF instruction, but it is more of a testament to our expert educators in this school and to the high degree of professionalism and caring that they bring into their classrooms every day.

hank you, parents and teachers, for a successful Parent Conference Day!



Fundraising Update
CALLING ON ALL OUR AMAZING PARENTS! The March Phonathon for our Annual Fund is quickly approaching (March 19, March 20 and March 21). 

Your stories are the reason why people continue to give to Riverside and help make this school the best it can be. Please consider volunteering a few hours one evening to help us get over our goal line of $115,000 by May 31.

Please contact Cindy DiCello by clicking here >> to get more details. Thank you for all you do!



I am learning so much more at Riverside than at my (old) school. I’d come to school on the weekends if I could!

Grace, third-grader at Riverside School


Corny Joke





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