Our Approach ensures that each student receives individualized instruction, strengthening their weaknesses and building on their successes, but our daily classroom structure is no different than mainstream schools.

Students will be taught extensively in language arts, focusing on reading, oral language, writing skills, and vocabulary development. They also receive two additional language arts classes daily. Beginning with the word or phrase level, students develop a competency to begin writing essays and research papers. We also provide individual reading instruction for each student, 45 minutes four days each week. We are the only school in Virginia to offer this instruction for all students.

The concepts and language of math are also important parts of our curriculum. Our Approach presents new concepts with visual, auditory, and kinesthetic/tactile cues, often blending technology into the lessons. We build each topic incrementally, and reinforce it with review.

Instruction in social studies, including geography, history, economics, civics, and current events, is enhanced by technology, hands-on experience, and field trips.

Riverside School explores physical, life, and earth science with a multi-sensory approach, promoting efficient science literacy.

Our students, across the curriculum, learn a wide range of skills to locate information, discuss ideas, and ask and answer questions, building valuable study skills.

At the heart of our mission as a school is to build strong minds and bodies, and as such students participate in physical education each day.