A Riverside School education is a significant financial commitment, but it is one of the best investments you can make to create a successful student experience. We are committed to providing a variety of tuition options for families to make this experience a reality.

Tuition Payments

For the 2017-18 school year, annual tuition for Riverside School is $26,900. Payment options include directly to Riverside’s business office either in one full installment by July or two payments in July and January. Families can also chose installment plans through our tuition management payment system, TADS, once you have been enrolled at Riverside.

Financial Aid

To ensure that more students have the opportunity for enrichment with the Riverside School experience, we help to bridge the gap between the cost of educating each child and tuition charged with financial aid through our Annual Fund. We use the TADS Financial Aid service to make an unbiased determination of your need. There is also limited financial aid available and partial tuitions awarded based on that need. For all students, financial aid applications are due by March 30. For students applying after March 30, financial aid applications may be submitted, but funding may not be available.

We are also the part of the Great Aspirations Scholarship Program, which provides qualifying families with additional financial assistance. Please contact Eileen Harvey at, or visit the GRASP website for more information.

Student Loans & Scholarships

Funding may be available through church-related opportunities, community service organizations, or philanthropic foundations. You may also apply for a fixed-rate education loan through or through