Riverside School transforms the lives of students with dyslexia and similar language-based learning differences while supporting a community of highly trained teachers and staff who specialize in educating these students to their highest potential.

We’re an independent day school based in Richmond, Va. Our teaching approach is dedicated to providing small classes, individualized curriculum, one-on-one instruction, and a nurturing environment to enhance the learning experiences of children with dyslexia.

Many students come to Riverside having fallen behind in a traditional academic setting, but we understand that they have the potential to succeed. Riverside students come from public and private schools from throughout the greater Richmond area.

All of our students are of average to above-average intelligence who have not been able to master language skills in a traditional school setting because of their unique learning needs.

At Riverside, we build on our students’ strengths and prepare them for their next educational step ready to achieve their highest potential.

Our students range in age from 5–14. All of our intermediate school students go on to attend a public or private high school to continue their education and most of our graduates go on to attend college.

“Riverside has shown me how to be creative and how to express myself. The teachers have taught me how to work hard and try my best while in the classroom. I feel very confident going to high school!” - Riverside Student