While our classroom structure provides individualized instruction, we also take great pride in providing opportunities for our children to learn other important life skills.

In addition to physical education classes, students participate in a daily movement activity, are encouraged to make healthy food decisions, and maintain an active lifestyle. These choices are reinforced by programs like our ballroom dance lessons.

Each week, our students participate in a 30-minute Social Skills class, reinforcing social, ethical, and academic skills in areas such as critical and creative thinking, ethical decision making, interpersonal relationships, practical living skills, building self-esteem, and citizenship. This is achieved through role-playing, group discussions, and hands-on activities.

Students learn visual arts through a variety of projects that foster creativity. They also build creativity through music discovery, learning music history & appreciation, fundamentals of pitch, tone, rhythm, and melody, and the opportunity to participate in group performances.

Run by a professional librarian, our library collection includes both audio and printed books, and houses an expansive collection of resources for both parents and professionals.

After school classes and workshops expand on the day’s lessons, and our inclusive soccer and basketball intramural teams provide opportunities to build on athletic skills and practice teamwork.

Our students also take an active role in our Riverside community by participating in our student council. Led by a faculty/staff sponsor, these elected student council members plan community service projects, provide leadership to their peers, and serve as Riverside Ambassadors to our campus guests.