2018 Parent-Teacher Conferences: A Heartfelt Thank You
Thursday, February 8th, 2018

I want to thank all of the parents and teachers who participated in this past Tuesday’s Parent Conferences. It’s a long day for teachers—each conference lasts for at least half an hour and involves hours of preparation and coordination between classroom teachers and LF teachers—but it’s an extremely valuable use of time.

Riverside’s Parent Conferences are data-driven, with samples of student work examined, as well as testing results explained and put in context. Our teachers understand our assessments inside and out, and they do a wonderful job of answering parent questions and interpreting results.

Most importantly, the Parent Conferences we do here at Riverside provide a great opportunity for partnership between our families and our teachers. Riverside teachers know their students’ personalities and learning styles extremely well. This is partially a result of our small class sizes and our one-to-one LF instruction, but it is more of a testament to our expert educators in this school and to the high degree of professionalism and caring that they bring into their classrooms every day.

Thank you, parents and teachers, for a successful Parent Conference Day!

Hal Waller
Head of School


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