Riverside School Welcomes Guest Musician Steve Van Dam
Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Riverside and its amazing librarian / music teacher Chris Bachmann had the pleasure of welcoming guest musician Steve Van Dam from Light the Music today. Steve developed a free app called ORO Visual Music that allowed students to play and create music and enjoy an immediate music experience with a few taps on their iPads that are for use in the Riverside library.

Mrs. Bachmann and Mr. Van Dam also educated students about the physics of sound in a hands-on session. In a hear-it-and-see-it setting, the class learned about concepts such as beat, melodies, pitch, waveform, volume, echoes, reverberation, ambience and how frequency impacts pitch in music.

Take a look and listen to part of the class for yourself. (Oh, to be a student again!)


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