Thursday, December 7th, 2017

As you well know if you are following Riverside School’s Facebook page, over the past two weeks we have had two guest adult dyslexic speakers at our Wednesday Morning Meetings.


Last week, Chip Brierre, Riverside Alumnus and WRIC Channel 8 Sportscaster, told our students about his time as a student at Riverside and what it is like being a television reporter with dyslexia. (Chip also graduated from my high school alma mater, Woodberry Forest School.)


At this past Wednesday’s Morning Meeting, Ben Pasternak, a Riverside School past-parent and current board member, spoke about what it was like for him to grow up with dyslexia and how his learning differences have been an asset to him in his career as an entrepreneur, a creative consultant, and an innovation officer for a number of large companies.


Parent coffees were scheduled for both Wednesdays right after Morning Meeting, so a number of our parents were able to hear our speakers and even visit with them for a little bit.


On that topic, although Parent Coffees are officially scheduled by classes, please feel free to come to any coffees. They have been well-attended so far, and I really appreciate the chance both to chat with parents and to give parents the opportunity to visit with each other.


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