Riverside Faculty and Staff Shine in Showing Their Support of Dyslexia Awareness
Friday, November 30th, 2018

RICHMOND, Va. (Nov. 30, 2018) –– This week, Riverside School teachers proudly showed their support of dyslexia awareness by displaying pqbd jewelry manufactured locally by Rebecca Warner.

The letters p q b d form this symbol which was created to empower the dyslexic community and enhance awareness that dyslexics process information in ways that provide advantages in reasoning, making connections, and understanding relationships.

The jewelry is handcrafted right down the street from Riverside by Rebecca, who drew inspiration for the initiative from her oldest son and husband, who are dyslexic.

The pieces make for great holiday and Christmas gifts—and purchases are a great way to support Riverside; 10 percent of her Riverside sales go back to the school in the form of a donation. Customers simply need to mention Riverside in the required field at checkout that asks how they heard about the symbol.

Learn more and shop at: https://www.pqbd.org/.

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